Wednesday , 18 January 2017

City Corporation denied approval for Beer Parlor in Technopark Club house>>  It was announced earlier that KTDC is going start a premium class beer parlor, restaurant and bakery in Technopark club house.  The restaurant and bakery were already started functioning in the ground floor of club house here in Technopark campus.  KTDC had submitted an application for getting NOC from Thiruvananthapuram corporation.  Recently health standing committee of the corporation refused to grant it and the news was publishing in Times of India daily on November 30, 2016.

According to the news, the move to block NOC was spurred by moral reasons.  Officials said that the committee did not find it proper to grant NOC for a beer parlor saying that lots of people work there and it was improper to have a beer parlor there. He added that a note on the same will soon be sent to KTDC.

However, this news ignited discussions among techies suspecting this move was to help a private wine and beer parlor functioning near to Technopark.   As techies are the major share of customers in that beer parlor, staring KTDC beer parlor inside Technopark campus may affect them.  Techies will prefer KTDC beer parlor as its inside Technopark and it will be safer and secure for them.

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