Monday , 22 July 2019
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Chicken Manchurian with a Cooked Worm

>>Again an incident of serving substandard food from a technopark restaurant. The latest victim was  Naveen AS, a techie who got a cooked worm from chicken Manchoorian.  He bought it from Amritha Restaurant functioning in Nila atrium. When he complained the incident, the restaurant representative simply blamed the vegetables and apologized for the ‘special dish’.

After the controversial shawarma incident, complaints on food adulteration and sale of subtandard foods are increasing in the city.

A complaint has been registered with the food safety authority through their toll free number.



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  1. After many repeated incidents, why is that educated people like Naveen still having food from Amritha ?

    Just stop having food from this rubbish hotel, let them close down


  2. Thats a very valid question. Avoid the restaurants. prepare your food @ home, and bring it. this is the only way to stop such unhealthy food problems.

  3. Wonder why still people prefer Amritha and Rangoli. “Hygiene” is not a dictionary word for them.

    It is a miracle that Technopark Authorities still allow them to sell their crap even after repeated complaints.

  4. Feels like Technopark administratiion team may be paid additional by these hotels. Many incidents were reported from these hotels and still administration teams is mum. Very Pity !

  5. @ Govind, Sujith & Praveen.

    You guys have suggested a simple solution to this problem, to not to have food at these restaurants. But how practical is it really? Most people would love to have home cooked food if possible. But there are plenty of people working in tpark who stays in hostels and rooms who dont have any choice but to have food from restaurants. Also every day so many candidates and external vendors comes to park and go to these restaurants to have food completely unaware about the “history” of these restaurants. The solution lies in having regular checks conducted and stringent follow up corrective actions being taken. Also its high time that tpark conducts a study on the price of food in all tpark restaurants and compare with with the quantity and quality of food these restaurants serve. Tpark authorities are simply letting these restaurants loot techies.

    Despite several complaints being raised and several incidents of lack of hygiene being reported the attitude of tpark authorities is not very laudable. Does this indicate illicit relation between tpark administration and these restaurant owners? If techies think like that, none can complain.

  6. We should all sign a petition to the Food and Adulteration Dept to conduct regular checkup at Technopark restuarants.

  7. you non veg guys eat cows ,pigs, hen etc ,then why you could not eat that worm also.

  8. @ Sadanand Agarwal

    Would you eat Sh**t as well if its a vegetarian byproduct? What a pathetic analogy

  9. @Sadand Agarwal, give respect, get respect.

  10. No fighting guys. Everyone having their own reason to be a veg or non-veg.

  11. eeew! it is a surprise that such shi**y joints continue to operate despite several complaints and raids! Should get the media to the thejaswini food court as well!

  12. @ Sadand Agarwal…. Sirji Please…..Dont spoil togetherness that we (techies) share using this forum. There is an issue that has happned, someone has brought it up for disscussion. But please dont be Extrermist by saying bad things about Non-vegtraians… Dont be a spoil sport here….You can share your thoughts, we live in a Democratic country. That doesnt mean that you can say any nonsense and people will listen to you with their mouth shut.

    Lets have Harmony at Work… Please…