Thursday , 21 February 2019
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Charity Request: Financial support for Kidney Transplantation surgery and Treatment>>  Albin Jose from Kollamkodu, Kanyakumari district seeks financial support from the kind hearted people for his Kidney Transplantation surgery which is to be held within two months.
Rajesh Raj (working in TCS Cochin and ex-employee of Alamy and Finastra) and Suresh (working in Alamy) brought up this request to TEJUS – the blood donation forum in Technopark to raise the fund against this cause.  Albin is their friend and Rajesh’s neighbour too.
. Albin lost almost his both kidneys.
· He is a mason / painter / auto driver and from a very poor family. Also he is too young.
· He has registered for a Kidney donor and waiting for his turn since 2016.
· The dialysis going on and he gets support from Govt in between (only for dialysis).
· Last week he got a call saying his turn will come by next month (now he is the fifth person in the list) and the surgery need to happen within two months.
· The cost would be 10 – 15 lakhs (including the treatment after surgery)
·  His Church promised some money which will be collected from the localites and church believers.
·  Church could collect only Rs 50,000/-
So, here is the kind request to extend all your helping hands to Mr Albin.
Any further clarifications, please contact:
Suresh: +91 9847799222
Rajesh Raj: +91 9895555237; +91 8075136150
Albin Jose: +91 8012416294
Team TEJUS will be raising the fund. Please use any of the below payment method :
1. TEJUS Account (if you are transferring money to this account, please mention “for Albin” as it would be easy to track). Once transferred, please WhatsApp “Done for Albin” to Suresh @ 9847799222 (if your time permits)
A/c No: 67180103080
IFSC Code: SBIN0070737
SBI, Tejaswini, Technopark Branch
Technopark, Trivandrum
2. By hand (call Suresh at 9847799222)

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