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Adieu Orkut…yes You will be Missed..!


“We will shut down Orkut on September 30 2014-Google”>> Well this was the first headline I came across while browsing some Yahoo articles one day morning, and to my astonishment a part of my heart sank as I never saw this coming. Yes I know we all ditched Orkut or rather I should say “cheated on Orkut” when Facebook was ... Read More »

How KSRTC and Techies of Technopark can Help Each Other

1>> This article is written in the context of Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram. It can be applied to any where in kerala though. Technopark is the biggest IT park in asia, it employs about 45,000 people directly and about 5,000 indirectly. It is unclear, how all these people commute to work. But we can roughly estimate that about 5,000 people come by ... Read More »

Some football thoughts…

football> “Hey buddy which team you support in tonight’s match?”, “Let’s watch the match in big screen”, “tonight my fav team will win”. Like this words are quite common nowadays in all office cubicles. When the entire world is in football spirit we techies are also in maximum  enjoyment mood. People who used to slog hours are leaving office soon ... Read More »

How Defensive Driving Can Make You a Perfect Driver!

stop complaining and build a career now> Driving is a risky work and you can understand it better if you use to drive the car often. Road conditions out there are not that good – especially in kerala due to the increase in traffic and no periodical maintenance or road widening according to the number of vehicles. Most importantly, the aggressive drivers on the road can ... Read More »

Go Appraisal 6: How to build Success with Performance Appraisal..?

go appraisal>> July 01, 2014:   Ramesh is a very enterprising IT engineer working in a Corporate for about six years. During the year he worked very hard and rose to his expectations.   He also helped the new Manager to train the juniors and the new comers. In short, Ramesh could find time to develop his team of second line of leadership.  ... Read More »

Let us Refuse E-Waste as a Country

ewaste>> July 1, 2014:  When I was walking through the lanes of Thiruvananthapuram city, one advertisement stuck me. It was about used computers. Price looked damn cheap for me, it was 4,000 and below. They told, it comes with warranty also. I dialed them from a local phone booth to avoid call backs. They told these computers are imported from ... Read More »

Child or Career? – A big dilemma for women working in IT.

child-career-it > In this emerging era of IT industry this is the question which most of the women employees face in their day to day life. If I choose career who will look after my child? Or else if I choose child then what about my career dreams? Lots of questions arise in their minds. The answers to this are ... Read More »

Executive MBA for Project Managers & Functional Managers

icfai>> As an experienced executive, you are probably managing projects, specific departments or functions, or teams in your organization. You know, and your senior management knows, that you have the potential to grow and take up General Management responsibilities. The occasional Executive Development programs and Management Development workshops may help you to sharpen some of the weapons in your armory, ... Read More »

Family Life and Work- a different Perspective


“Life is n’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath. “ – Unknown>> June 11, 2014:  Ravi is an introvert, who talks less, has got no friends at all.  He speaks seldom to his mother, and sister at home. He is a loner indeed.   At Office, he just ... Read More »

UST Global Unveils Television Commercial with Chennai Super Kings

chennai super kings>> May 26, 2014:  UST Global has announced the launch of its television commercial featuring players from Chennai Super Kings (CSK). UST Global is the primary sponsor of the IPL (Indian Premiere League) franchisee for the next three years.  The ad was unveiled in Bangalore yesterday during a ‘Meet and Greet’ event with the team and key members of CSK ... Read More »

From Startup Village to Los Angeles!

iTraveller Team

Startup Village-incubated iTraveller makes it to  Travel Innovation Summit (TIS) in Los Angeles, 2014):  Startup Village-incubated company iTraveller has been selected as one among the 30 global innovators for the year at the prestigious Travel Innovation Summit (TIS) in the US city of Los Angeles, bringing yet another laurel to India’s first PPP technology business incubator. iTraveller will be showcased ... Read More »

Ishaan Dev – A Versatile Musician from Trivandrum!

ishaandev-music : Ishaan Dev -  An uber talented Indian music composer, multi-instrumentalist,music programmer, singer-songwriter, and stage performer, who showed his flair in all South Indian languages. His body of work spanned across Malayalam,Tamil and Kannada with Chintamani kola case, Sound of boot, Don, Kai, Shyloo to name a few. Ishaan hails from Trivandrum . At age three , Ishaan started showing interest in ... Read More »

How to be Safe During Lightening

lightening   The Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), based in Thiruvananthapuram, has called for the immediate need for creating a mass awareness among the public on the phenomenon of lightning and the casualties that occur due to the natural hazard. The recently-reported lightning incidents in Kerala bring to focus the depth of lack in awareness as well ... Read More »

How to enjoy work and Life, and ‘NO’ to Work-holism..!

go apraisal 4>>  May 05, 2014:  Jeena is a unit Head of a Corporate. Because of work pressure, she comes early and leaves late from office. She usually talks about the additional work load she undertakes. Whenever she meets a highly driven person, she feels competing with him/her. This is a trait indeed! Jeena shows symptoms of stress, headache, hypertension and constant ... Read More »

The 2 C’s for Mid Level Managers.

mid-level-manager : Most vital aspect in retaining the team together is communicating regularly and appropriately. Communication is very critical – deliver it with disproportionate dilution or concentration, the essence fades off. The tone of communicating is also equally critical. It determines the reach and impact of the context .Irrespective of the multiple layer hierarchy in the organization, communication is essentially and ... Read More »

Go Appraisal 3: Can Workaholics be Changed and Accomplish More ?


“Nothing you could do could make God love you more than He does right now.” Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie>>  April 8, 2014:  Nath is a very busy Engineer working in a Corporate. He feels frustrated and guilty when he relaxes; doing nothing for several hours.  He finds it difficult to spend time on vacation. He is always in hurry, ... Read More »

Dealing with negative people in your workplace

neagative-people-work : A major share of a techie’s 24*7 is at office. A pie-chart drawn to capture the variety of colleagues, one works with is sure to have colours more than the vibgyor. Most of them don’t bother much, however there is one who has to be kept at bay – the negative coworker or the pessimist. He is the one ... Read More »

Go Appraisal- 2

go appraisal

A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night ―Marilyn Monro>>  March 19, 2014:  Raj is another Software Engineer, who himself is a very hard worker, working in a Corporate.  His self- appraisal was good and Second Level appraisal was also fair and he got incentives and he was promised of a promotion ... Read More »

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