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The 2 C’s for Mid Level Managers.

mid-level-manager : Most vital aspect in retaining the team together is communicating regularly and appropriately. Communication is very critical – deliver it with disproportionate dilution or concentration, the essence fades off. The tone of communicating is also equally critical. It determines the reach and impact of the context .Irrespective of the multiple layer hierarchy in the organization, communication is essentially and ... Read More »

Go Appraisal 3: Can Workaholics be Changed and Accomplish More ?


“Nothing you could do could make God love you more than He does right now.” Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie>>  April 8, 2014:  Nath is a very busy Engineer working in a Corporate. He feels frustrated and guilty when he relaxes; doing nothing for several hours.  He finds it difficult to spend time on vacation. He is always in hurry, ... Read More »

Dealing with negative people in your workplace

neagative-people-work : A major share of a techie’s 24*7 is at office. A pie-chart drawn to capture the variety of colleagues, one works with is sure to have colours more than the vibgyor. Most of them don’t bother much, however there is one who has to be kept at bay – the negative coworker or the pessimist. He is the one ... Read More »

Go Appraisal- 2

go appraisal

A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night ―Marilyn Monro>>  March 19, 2014:  Raj is another Software Engineer, who himself is a very hard worker, working in a Corporate.  His self- appraisal was good and Second Level appraisal was also fair and he got incentives and he was promised of a promotion ... Read More »


go appraisal

“Efforts are not rewarded; Results are…” – Shiv Khera>>  March 7, 2014:  Vijay is a very enterprising IT engineer working in a Corporate for more than five years. During the year he worked very hard and rose to the expectations of the company. He was a loner and worked 18 hours a day for the Company and the Company ... Read More »

Family Farming Becomes a Trend among Techies in Technopark!

Infosys Trivandrum employee, Anjali Chandran in her terrace farm., 2014): “Taste this spinach, it is harvested in my home“– one of the tid bits from a lunch conversation in Technopark. This article is about the silent and pleasant revolution happening among Technopark employees of Trivandrum, Kerala. “Produce your own food, as much as you can” is the philosophy of this trend. There are a spectrum of people involved ... Read More »

‘Little Deeds of Kindness’ – it Happened in Technopark

kindness post>>  February 24, 2014:  This incident happened while commuting to my workplace in my company cab. The reason it prompted me to write down my thoughts about it on a public space like this, is that the same incident happened many times so as they say pen is mightier than the sword, I thought of doing my bit to convey ... Read More »

Car Pooling in Technopark – a “Win-Win” for All!

carpooling-technopark - Ecological foot print is something every human should consider, before doing any action. “can I do things in a different way so that my mother earth is less impacted?”, this question should be asked by each one to themselves while structuring their daily lives. Even if the impact is very less compared to a social action, individual actions can ... Read More »

How to crack interviews with ease and grab offers !

interview In any random sample of techies there is a fair probability of 80 percent being technically very strong. Also, there are wizards and legends who gain a better exposure by giving an average of 3 interviews a week. This translates to just a one line, which is, competition is real stiff.  How you sell yourself in a job market is ... Read More »

Journey Towards Being Better Manager !

IT_Manager,2014): A corporate set up is quite fascinating with the multiple roles that are available to do. Right from CEO to developer, name a position and it is there. However, the primary concern that everyone has is always on a single person – the reporting manager, RM. Those species are not aliens but the mere mention of RM triggers waves ... Read More »

Green Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR>> Jan 9, 2014: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a thought stream in which corporate organizations carry out some tangible actions towards society in response to the intangible benefits it receives from society such as a peaceful atmosphere for business operation. In India, industry forums such as CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM are encouraging their members to pursue Corporate Social Responsibility ... Read More »

A Green Techie Manifesto – A New Year Thought

Green manifesto>> January 2, 2013:  All Companies and Employees have started saying “go green” more often.  It has snowballed into action items such as Taking less printouts, using cloth towel for hand, plant trees, use water diligently, save power, etc. This manifesto is for those who want to take forward “go green” from a mere lip-service to some tangible action in ... Read More »

Etiquette’s At Work!

workplace_etiquette : Workplace is a shared environment, no own owns it, it is just that everyone uses it. Making it an amenable space is the huge task to be shouldered by each one gaining a fraction from the space. Interacting with humans demands wiser manners than a better education. Minor tweaks in one’s etiquettes would take the individual a long ... Read More »

How to Handle Attitude Issues At Work??

Members of a community welcoming a new member.

TechnoparkToday: Attitude issues when not noticed are sure to take a toll on the team and the individual. Corporate world revolves around stringent timelines and stress associated with it. With all this identifying attitude issues becomes a challenge. When such issues don’t get redressed the quality of team, deliveries and individual productivity are at stake. There is a usual myth ... Read More »

3G Tariff and Data Plans in Kerala!

Future of Mobile Apps > Are you looking for a 3G Connection in Kerala? wanted to know which 3G plan is best for your purpose? Then read on… In kerala the companies with valid 3G licenses are BSNL, Tata docomo and Idea only. Airtel and vodafone lost their 3G licenses after the recent orders from Department of telecom, India. There are basically two ... Read More »

Shopping Trends During Holidays

Computer and christmas gifts> Of 4,000 U.S. and U.K. shoppers surveyed in 2012, 52 percent felt that stores set higher prices in the store than they did online, according to Accenture. Nearly three-quarters of consumers ages 20 to 40 reported using their smartphones to check prices, and most of these consumers left the store empty-handed. As stores compete for more of the holiday ... Read More »

How to get a Job in Technopark? A Guide for Freshers!

HowtogetjobTechnopark > Many people, especially many freshers wanted to get a job in Technopark. But not many job seekers doesn’t know the very basics of getting a job in Technopark. Here we are giving some very direct practical advice’s, which will help you to get your dream job in Technopark. Decide which IT job you like First Before applying for ... Read More »

This Children’s Day, Pledge to Keep your Children Virtually Safe

cybersafety>> November 14, 2013:  The thought of children meandering across the vast expanse of internet could be potentially dangerous; given that children could be gullible victims of cyber exploits and cyber-crime. After all, the internet has evolved to a platform for self-expression and social interaction, with children indiscriminately indulging in information exchange.  A recent study commissioned by McAfee on the online ... Read More »

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