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Category Archives: Articles – The Techies Online Bazaar Celebrates 5 Years! - the techies bazaar and market place online, 2014):  Techies favorite online market place and classifieds advertisement portal celebrates its fifth anniversary this month. is a free online classified website for tech community, where they can post virtually anything for buying / selling. “We started it as a very simple discussion forum, and still we are maintaining that look and feel. Which is very familiar ... Read More »

Xamarin – Why it’s Highly Recommend for Mobile Development?

Future of Mobile Apps > When the Apple corporation unveiled the iPhone in the year 2007, they did not expect people to write applications and bake it into their Mobile devices. The idea was to use the Micro browser in the phone to access web pages produced by Server applications written in LAMP,JEE,.NET or other technologies. iPhoneOS,( later christened as iOS) was stripped down ... Read More »

Priorities when you Look for a Preschool for your Kid


Parents, what will be your priorities when you look for a school or a pre-school for your kid? Obviously, the priority will be your child only, right?  Your child will be at the school you select, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for at least the next few years. They need to be in a place that: ... Read More »

Having Your ‘It’ and Having Your ‘All’


“Women can’t have it all”>> November 27, 2014:  So it all started with Indira Nooyi’s statement “Women can’t have it all” and then we heard that giant tech companies like Apple and Google providing extra benefits to their female employees who chose to freeze their eggs or in simple words; who are ready to compromise on their maternal dreams ... Read More »

Simple Ways to Performance Appraisal (Go Appraisal -11)

interview>> Sameer is a HR executive working in IT Company. He is very passionate about training. He reads new books and attends a lot of training programs. He associates himself with a chapter of a voluntary training organization. Gradually, Sameer emerges as a Certified Trainer. He learns the art of coaching. He goes through the phase of preparation of new ... Read More »

Moral Policing – A threat for personal freedom?

moral2>> October 28, 2014:  The other day the newspapers and the TV channels flashed with the story of Kozhikode café being ransacked on the claims of “immoral activities”. Morality has always been a very controversial concept since the conceptualization of democracy in our country. Who defines Morality? This question still remains unanswered in our so called secular country freed from ... Read More »

Shortcuts to Performance Appraisal – (Go Appraisal -10)

emotional bank

Weekly column by Corporate Trainer & International Soft Skill Trainer Ajayyakumar B>>  Sumesh is an engineer working for an IT company for almost six years. His interpersonal relations in the work place and community are excellent. His value for human relations is at top priority. Sumesh gives all possible help and support to his colleagues at work place. Naturally, all ... Read More »

Your Java is not My Java – A Paradox of Choice!

Performance-appraisal-process : In the late 1990s, If someone says that he is good at “Core Java”, for all practical purpose, it was synonymous with I don’t do Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). Technologies like Servelets, JSP and JEE were new and it was a twin problem of execution overload (for systems) and a cognitive overload (for developers) to learn EJB ( ... Read More »

Why C++ Lost to Java/C# and Others?

projectmanagement > C/C++ programming model and it’s execution model is one of the most versatile model invented till date. The pointer arithmetic, dynamic memory management,register level access,deterministic memory management etc. have been mapped to Micro-controllers to Mainframes.No other high level language can claim such a pedigree. Some might argue that C subset of C++ is responsible for that. For the sake ... Read More »

Three steps to Performance Appraisal

Performance-appraisal-process>>  Mittal is an engineer working in anIT company about five years.Other than completing his project works on time, he used to volunteer and attend all technical training programs offered by the organization. Out of interest, Mittal completed some advanced computer programming courses, on his own. Later, the Company was benefitted out of it. He is a voracious reader and ... Read More »

When you need a break? Evaluate Here…

take break from work > Hectic work schedules are never out-of-the-ordinary in corporate offices. The lights are on till past midnight, cabs keep buzzing at any hour in the dark night with employees and calls are scheduled from as early as 7 in the morning and goes on till 10 in the nights or even late. Working non-stop without enough rest and breaks ... Read More »

What is NLP and Why you must Experience the Feeling of an NLP Program ?

NLP Training

And now, NLP is a set of proven tools, patterns and skills to help you make visible lasting changes to various elements in your life like: Controlling your emotions, thoughts and character Aiming, planning and achieving your goals Influencing people in business and professional life Helps in you maintaining good health and wellness Leading beautiful and harmonious relationships And Many ... Read More »

Splashing and Splurging in vain..!

renjini-ice-bucket__large>> I am writing this piece out of sheer amusement of witnessing something as bizarre as this. Indians embracing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for about 30,000 people suffering from ALS in the USA. In case you have not noticed, let me boldify the word USA! Heights of absurdity, isn’t it?; Indians raising money via donation for the ... Read More »

Escalation at Work – How & When

IT_Manager> Escalating potential issues like security breach, harassment, bullying is quite easy to do as there is a structured framework to get it done. The end results of such issues are very serious and instantaneous. However not at all times would anyone want to cause a serious harm to their co-worker. There might be occasions like right stakeholders not copied ... Read More »

How to Prepare for Performance Appraisal..?

HS2434>> Anoop is an engineer working in IT Company for more than three years. He works very systematically and completes all his project works on time, showing excellent results. He is a very creative and committed engineer. His creative ideas contributed to the financial gain of Organization. Anoop’s brother is also an engineer working as the General Manager of another ... Read More »

Colgate tooth paste causes cancer?

colgate> Impressed by television commercials, people are buying brands, including the tooth paste. But are you someone using the colgate toothpaste? Colgate Total contains triclosan, which has been linked to cancer and growth malformations in animals.A chemical that has been linked to cancer cell growth is being used by millions of Americans in toothpaste every day, it has emerged.The company behind ... Read More »

A Hero Amongst Us – Dinu Abraham

Dinu Abraham, 2014): This article is to throw light on a heroic act of Dinu Abraham, a software professional working in Techno Park that indeed needs great adulation. Last Thursday (31st July 2014), when Dinu was on his way back home, he found an injured pregnant lady at an accident site near Kulathoor. The lady was on her way back home on ... Read More »

D’heuristicz – Dynamic Dance Troop behind the Flash Mobs in the City

flash mob in tvm>> You might have watched several flash mobs in the city.  Ever wonder who are those dynamic youth behind these events?  This is D’Heuristicz, a team comprising energetic youth of JCI Thiruvananthapuram, lead by choreographers Arjun, Vishnu, and Sanjay. D’heuristicz have choreographed and performed many events in Trivandrum City.  They have choreographed for most of the Flash Mobs conducted in ... Read More »

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