Tuesday , 9 February 2016
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Rivans Sportswear- Custom Jersey Manufacturers in Trivandrum

rivans for tpt

TechnoparkToday.com>>  Trivandrum- based Sportswear and jersey manufacturers, Rivans, offers variety of jerseys and graphic jerseys in all colors and designs at affordable rates.  They are offering quick delivery of orders in one day itself.  Pricing starts from Rs. 130+Printing charges for jerseys.  Graphic jerseys available from Rs. 400+ printing charges.  The minimum quantity for Jersey printing order is 10.   ...

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Keralabookstore.com – one-stop destination for Malayalam books


  Technoparktoday.com>>  Keralabookstore.com, a brainchild of three techies based out of Thiruvananthapuram. Their aim to start this online bookstore is simple: availability of book should not be a problem for a reader. They have lined up a wide collection of books and their specialty is those written in Malayalam. Apart from classics and poems written in Malayalam, they have books on Mollywood, ...

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Puttukada – a Hit among Techies Working in Night Shifts


TechnoparkToday.com>>  Techies might have the best restaurants lined up to tickle their taste buds.  But some still prefer hotels which provide ambience of the good old chayakkada (Tea shop).   Aadil Tea Shop aka Puttukada in Kazhakuttom is a big hit among Techies working in night shifts.  The shop is located just opposite to Mission hospital and before the Al Saj ...

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Get over Stage Fear and win the Performance Appraisal


TechnoparkToday.com>>  Vinay, a fresh graduate engineer starts his career with an IT company. He became an expert in Technical matters of the organization and proved his expertise in short span of time. New ideas and thoughts were spontaneous and helped Vinay. Even the team leaders started asking the opinion of Vinay in many instances. The Managers started listening to great ...

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Ennu Swantham Madhumati – 20 Minutes of Simple Humor

Ennum Swantham Madhupathi Poster for tpt

TechnoparkToday.com>> Humor is always a risky business. Often movie makers tend to resort to double meaning dialogues and slapstick comedy while trying to make people laugh. This trend is mostly seen in short films. Contrary to this trend, Techie film maker Kiran Prasad’s new short film “Ennu Swantham Madhumati” comes as a whiff of fresh air that stands out mainly due to its simplicity, ...

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2015- The Year Of Bans

year of bans

TechnoparkToday.com>> Year 2015 should exclusively be called as “The Year Of Bans” henceforth. If there is anything that questions the so called morality and decency of our culturally inclined country just Ban it. That has been the motto of the governance since the start of the year. From what we see, to what we read, to what we eat to ...

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Onam Diaries

onam diary

TechnoparkToday.com>> When the majority of mythological stories in the most part of India celebrated the victory of Gods over Devils, there existed a small empire at the southern tip of the country where a demon’s homecoming was rejoiced. Onam, the biggest and the most secular festival of Kerala, celebrated across the length and breadth of the state is beyond all ...

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A Musical Treat for Onam from Techies!


  TechnoparkToday.com(Aug, 2015): Its often said that music and art transcends space and borders. The union of these artists is one fine example. Gopi Nair and Rajesh Raman are techies who have carried the spirit of their motherland across borders. Both work with global investment banking giants in London. A passionate singer and composer, Rajesh hails from Thrissur. He has won ...

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O3 Facials for working professionals by Catalyst in Trivandrum on Saturday, July 18, 2015

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TechnoparkToday.com(July, 2015):  CATALYST, the premium spa & saloon in trivandrum city offeres special O3 facials for working professionals on 18th. . In today’s corporate environments, your skin faces intense stress due to fluctuating temperature, extreme sun rays, and lack of proper hydration. This is where 03 skin care & Catalyst step into help you. Whether it is wrinkles, dark spots, ...

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Introducing SoCXO – An Interview with Mukund Krishna

TechoparkToday.com(May, 2015): From aamchi Mumbai and Bangaluru’s Basavangdi, to America’s Motown City and the upscale suburbs of Indianapolis, and now at Infopark Kochi, the journey of Mukund Krishna, Founder and CEO of Suyati Technologies, has been as colourful and diverse as his entrepreneurship dreams. SoCXO (www.socxo.com), the latest offering from Suyati Technologies, made news when it had a host of ...

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A Forgotten Mother


TechnoparkToday.com>>Last week the world celebrated Mother’s Day in the form of adorable selfies with mommies, cute ads featuring celebrities with their mothers, Tweets and songs dedicated exclusively for them. A complete day devoted to Moms, to celebrate her, to cherish her. As she is the one who bought us to this world, who bore us for 9 long months in ...

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Set the Goals – The great way to excel in Performance Appraisal


Go Appraisal -13:  TechnoparkToday.com>> Mithun, an ambitious engineer, joins an IT Company.  He attends a training workshop on ‘Goal Setting’ and decides to set a SMART goal for his profession. He, then, started working towards it and no wonder, Mithun became focused, systematic and completed all his work on time. Mithun made his goal specific. Goals should be achievable, realistic, ...

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Tobacco indeed causes cancer: Kerala medical community


TechnoparkToday.com>> April 7, 2015:  Amid widespread shock and anguish over misinformed statements on tobacco’s association with cancer, Kerala’s medical community have rebuffed these and have stated that tobacco use indeed causes cancer. Public pronouncements mooted by self-contained interests cannot dispel years of revalidated study and research by scientific and medical community, they say. Kerala’s medical community have also congratulated the Hon’ble ...

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