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Techie Talents – Meet Parveen – The Mehndi Designer & Artist

parveen-mehndi, 2015):  There is a popular belief that IT professionals are the one being happy ditching their laptop all the time without any other talents or extra curricular activities. But most of the techies are very talented and better human beings than anyone else in our society. We are introducing some of them through our ‘Techie Talents’ article series. This time, let’s meet ... Read More »

Lemon Yellow – Buy Original Paintings @Trivandrum

lemon yellow 2>> Liven up you walls with joys of colors.  Cheer up your office with freshness…Be it a memento, birthday, housewarming, or corporate purposes, gifts for all seasons at Lemon Yellow. Handmade paintings protected with varnish and framed with fineness.  Originals and copies available. SMS 9961736505 or mail to Lemon Yellow is located at top floor of Padma (BRRA 25) ... Read More »

Eco-friendly Coffee Cups Embedded With Seeds Grow into Trees When Thrown Away

cup>> A California based creative company, Reduce, introducing a disposible paper coffee cup with seeds embedded in its walls.  It can be planted and grown for re-forestation. Currently the product concept has been released through kickstarter campaign for funding. “We have developed a post consumer paper based cup which will be able to extract over 1 ton of CO2 out ... Read More »

Look before you Like

child copy>>  Recently my news feed was spammed with a disturbing image of a cancer suffering kid in a green mask, stating “Please share so FB donates for her treatment”. Like seriously???  As if Mr.Zuckerberg is running some Non Profit Organisation and all he does while sitting in his swanky Facebook Headquarters at the U.S is count the number of likes ... Read More »

Controversy about Job placements at Technopark!

jobs, 2015): Time and again we hear this news about companies defrauding the job seekers  in the guise of internships/  training with job assurance at Technopark.  Every time some incidence happen, authorities wakes up and issues some notice to some companies and a press release and the matter ends there without decisive actions. Some of the companies which resorted  to ... Read More »

World cup Cricket: The Emotion is Back

crickettpt>> After a hiatus of 4 long years the ICC Cricket World Cup is back.  Personally I am not a cricket person anymore though I have my stock of some very vivid memories of watching World Cup matches in 90s. I still remember crying seeing Vinod Kambli breaking down during the 1996 World Cup Semi final match against Sri Lanka ... Read More »

Astrology and your Life – How to Achieve What You Want

astrology>> Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”…What a powerful saying! The birth of any human is not meant to highlight fate. The fate is the result of one’s past deeds – both good and evil. Human birth actually emphasizes man’s will to escape from the birth-death cycle. What he has done ... Read More »

Some thoughts on Life and Luck

life>Hope, all have seen the film “Cast Away” by Tom Hanks. Its a great story with many things we can learn and adapt. Briefing the story, a rich business man who have led a life of strict time tables and disciplines and all the facilities in life was drifted to a lonely island by a plane crash. The advanced society ... Read More »

What to do, if it’s a worst day in your life?

depression :Every morning marks the beginning of a new day and we all hope it to be a good day by lord’s grace but circumstances may not always follow your lead. There are times when we feel nothing more can go wrong and our mind actually goes numb unable to think, unable to respond wondering why in the whole world ... Read More »

Datacenter virtualization: Update Now and Earn More

corona>>Admit it, Datacenter virtualization is here to stay. It is high time you deep dive in to the datacenter virtualization segment to stay ahead in the ever changing world of IT infra management . So.. Update Now and Earn More Corona institute of technology , The first datacenter virtualization training facility in Kerala is now providing custom build corporate training sessions ... Read More »

How to use RTI act (Right to Information) 2005

RTI>> You might have felt agitated over inordinate delay in getting a certificate from a government office or felt bad abou the attitude of goverment officials in providing you the neccesary informaton. Have you ever used your rights…have you ever filed an RTI ? RTI (Right to Information) act came in place on June 2005, with the intention to Empower ... Read More »

Great Steps to Performance Appraisal: Go Appraisal 12

value addition

Importance of Value Addition>> Tony is a software engineer working for an IT company for nearly six years. He used to donate blood every six months. He belongs to O-negative blood group, rather a rare group. He created a blood donor’s directory and published the directory. Gradually, Tony became the coordinator of blood donors and beneficiaries. “If you need blood, ... Read More »

P Vjayan IPS in ‘Indian of the Year’ shortlist of CNN-IBN

Vijayan-IPS copy>>  P Vijayan IPS, Kerala Armed Police battalion DIG, got placed in top position in the ‘Indian of the Year’ program being organized by CNN-IBN.  Born into an economically disadvantaged family himself, his personal struggles to move up in life reinforced within Vijayan the strong belief in the benefits of education for all children. As an accomplished police officer of DIG-rank from Kerala, ... Read More » – The Techies Online Bazaar Celebrates 5 Years! - the techies bazaar and market place online, 2014):  Techies favorite online market place and classifieds advertisement portal celebrates its fifth anniversary this month. is a free online classified website for tech community, where they can post virtually anything for buying / selling. “We started it as a very simple discussion forum, and still we are maintaining that look and feel. Which is very familiar ... Read More »

Xamarin – Why it’s Highly Recommend for Mobile Development?

Future of Mobile Apps > When the Apple corporation unveiled the iPhone in the year 2007, they did not expect people to write applications and bake it into their Mobile devices. The idea was to use the Micro browser in the phone to access web pages produced by Server applications written in LAMP,JEE,.NET or other technologies. iPhoneOS,( later christened as iOS) was stripped down ... Read More »

Priorities when you Look for a Preschool for your Kid


Parents, what will be your priorities when you look for a school or a pre-school for your kid? Obviously, the priority will be your child only, right?  Your child will be at the school you select, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for at least the next few years. They need to be in a place that: ... Read More »

Having Your ‘It’ and Having Your ‘All’


“Women can’t have it all”>> November 27, 2014:  So it all started with Indira Nooyi’s statement “Women can’t have it all” and then we heard that giant tech companies like Apple and Google providing extra benefits to their female employees who chose to freeze their eggs or in simple words; who are ready to compromise on their maternal dreams ... Read More »

Simple Ways to Performance Appraisal (Go Appraisal -11)

interview>> Sameer is a HR executive working in IT Company. He is very passionate about training. He reads new books and attends a lot of training programs. He associates himself with a chapter of a voluntary training organization. Gradually, Sameer emerges as a Certified Trainer. He learns the art of coaching. He goes through the phase of preparation of new ... Read More »

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