Tuesday , 21 February 2017
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Half Girlfriend-Book review

TechnoparkToday.com>> October 13, 2014:  I have always been a Chetan Bhagat fan right from the time I read his first novel; “Five Point Someone”. During the times when syrupy sagas on socialite shenanigans and boring literary enriched tales; claiming to be coated with “intellectual quotient”; were given the title of “Bestseller”, this IIT-IIM passed-out-Investment Banker -turned writer, became the torch …

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The Value Pack – A Management Book Published from Technopark!

The Value Pack Management Book

TechnoparkToday.com – The Value Pack For Small and Medium Business, A Project Management Guide authored by Sanjay Bhaskaran, A project Management professional from Technopark! This book is a quick read suitable for fresh entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies and MBA students. This book begins with why people wanted to start a new company. What are those various reasons that would …

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.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Book Review


TechnoparkToday.com >> We are introducing a new book to all .NET  job seekers –.NET Interview Questions by B.M.Harwani There is a great demand for .NET programmer’s and developers in IT industry, since the advancements of .NET framework enables the enterprises to choose Windows as a serious platform and .NET based Enterprise framework for business. Now a days companies are hiring .NET …

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Blue Ocean Strategy

Globalization, it must be said, has actually resulted in globalization of competition. There is hardly any territory that could be regarded as uncharted. The sight of professionals from developing counties foraying into domains unreserved for them till the turn of the century and that of M.N.Cs ‘violating’ the set norms of fiercely protected ‘virgin’ domestic economies of the East and …

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