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Know about your Cholesterol..!!!

Level chart

TechnoparkToday.com>> Some Facts about Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a sterol, fat like substance to keep cell walls healthy and to produce hormones and Vitamin D. Dietary Cholesterol : Is found in food of animal origin like butter, milk products, egg, meat, etc. Blood Cholesterol: Circulates in blood. High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for hard diseases. The cholesterol may ...

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Catalyst offers ‘Face-Time’ with O3+ facials in Trivandrum!

catalyst spa ad banner for TPT

TechnoparkToday.com(July, 2015): For the first time in Trivandrum, Catalyst Spa & Salon presents ‘Face-Time’ – a customized facial package that gets you the right facial for your skin type. In today’s world, your skin faces intense stress thanks to extreme sun rays, fluctuating air conditioning, and lack of proper hydration.  In time, you your skin begins to lose its youthful ...

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Free Hair Treatment by L’Oreal in Trivandrum!


TechnoparkToday.com(April, 2015): Catalyst Spa & Salon organizes a special consultation with L’Oreal Hair Experts on June 5, 2015 to launch its revolutionary new Serioxyl anti thinning solution for denser looking hair In a first of its kind initiative in Thiruvananthapuram. Catalyst Spa & Saloon is organizing a one day special consultation with L’Oreal experts as part of its launch of ...

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Tobacco litter a challenge to a clean India: Environmental experts


TechnoparkToday.com(Dec, 2014): Even as the Clean India campaign is making waves with both standalone and coordinated efforts in Kerala as across the country, acclaimed environmental experts  have called for no-holds-barred implementation of the ban on public smoking as a means to keep our cities, towns and villages clean and litter-free. They contend that callously discarded cigarette stubs found abundantly in ...

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Know About Pediatric Dental Care

TechnoparkToday.com (Dec, 2014): Pediatric dentistry , a comparatively recently emerged branch of dentistry ,by definition is a specialty that provides comprehensive oral health care to children and adolescence including those with special health care needs. As the term implies, a Pediatric Dentist takes care of the overall management of the dental problems as well as the growth and development of ...

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Post-stroke depression warrants big-time redressal: ISACON


Technoparktoday.com: One out of three people affected by stroke falls victim to depression as well, a top scholar noted at a national stroke conference that concluded in the city today. The resultant emotional disturbance that may manifested in forms such as sleep disturbance, appetite loss, low self-esteem, agitation, difficulty in concentration calls for proper management of depression, according to Dr Maree Hackett, who ...

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Beware of paper cups in your pantry!


TechnoparkToday.com: Varun, an IT professional working in Technopark, was finding himself with an upset stomach every night. While normal medical checks revealed nothing wrong in him, deeper probes revealed the reason – the ordinary disposable paper cups he used for drinking his tea at his office pantry. Disposable paper cups have become quite popular in office pantries due to the convenience it offers. ...

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Depressionin Life & Home Remedies For Depression


TechnoparkToday.com > Depression – The most dangerous state of mind now a days very common in youngsters  . A recent study shows depression is very high among the people working in stressful working environment like IT.  There are many causes for Depression. Failure in life pursuits is considered one of the major causes. Turbulent Childhood, Parental Problems, Sexual Harassment, Marital Problems, Career Problems ...

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Beware – Oreo Cookies Are As Addictive As Cocaine or Morphine!


TechnoparkToday.com –  Your kids are addictive to Oreo Cookies? and now think twice before buying it anymore. In a recent, researchers at Connecticut College have found that rats’ behavior toward Oreo cookies is not unlike their behavior toward cocaine and morphine. “Our research supports the theory that high-fat/high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do,” Schroeder ...

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Excessive Use of Social Media may Affect Human Memory


TechnoparkToday.com>> How much time you spend daily with social media ?   A recent study revealing that people who are spending too much time surfing social media may harm their memories, including missing of important information from mind. In the age of regular information updates may result in information overload.  So, instead of spending excessive time browsing social media, go off ...

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Anti Bacterial Hand Washs Really Required???

TechnoparkToday.com>>Are you someone who buys anti-bacterial hand washes to protect your family from germs? Most likely, you are overdoing it then. To understand it, you need to understand how bacteria is removed from your hands. In case of ordinary soap and water, the bacteria and other germs are not actually killed – they are just washed off your hands. Ordinary ...

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Aroma Fresh’s first outlet opens in Trivandrum

TechnoparkToday.com(July,2013)>> The first outlet of Aroma Fresh, an innovative pesticide-free food products chain, opened in Kerala’s capital city – Trivandrum. Renowned actress Suhasini inaugurated the chain’s first store in Sasthamangalam and the brand was launched at a ceremony attended by Kerala Minister for Agriculture Shri K P Mohanan, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Shri Anoop Jacob and Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Adv. ...

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Fear of dengue fever grips kerala – Papaya leaves juice cures dengue fever!

papaya juice to cure dengue fever

TechnoparkToday.com >> The fear of  dengue fever grips kerala, and many cases are reporting daily. So we are publishing an article so that people can be more aware about the symptoms and the treatments. Causes of dengue fever Dengue fever is caused by Aedes aegypti mosquito that has previously bitten an infected person.After being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus, the incubation period ...

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Do you have bad breath? How to avoid it?


TechnoparkToday.com >> Having bad breath can be a hassle, especially if you’re one whose livelihood depends on mingling with other people. How do you feel when you talk to a person with bad breath, especially if its your boss or even the subordinate? Halitosis or bad breath is one of the most frequent complaints heard in our dental office . ...

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Challenges of an IT Professional


  TechnoparkToday.Com>> I am 68 years old, owner of a small software company.  I learned computer programming in 1969 from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, the only computer institute in Asian continent at that time where program was written in punch card.  Later I worked in more than 30 countries before settling down in Trivandrum. During my life time, I ...

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Asthma – It is permanently curable?


Many people in the IT industry is suffering from the Asthma and related breath difficulties. especially in their working environment,they are always in a very artificial air-conditioned and enclosed place , and when going out, suddenly exposed in to dust and other factors which stimulate such difficulties.  So far, Asthma is believed to be a condition which is not permanently curable. But it seems the ...

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Mosquito coil Causes Lung Cancer!

Stop using Mosquito coils, because the smoke emitted from one mosquito repellant coil is dangerous and poisonous, and to those of 100 cigarettes – said Chest Research Foundation director Sandeep Salvi. This shocking information is revealed in conference ‘Air Pollution and Our Health’, organised by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) along with the Indian Council for Medical Research and ...

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