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How to peel pineapple clean and easy ( video ) > How many of you had a difficult time in peeling pineapple? for the same reason, many people won’t buy it even if its one of the most nutritious fruit in market. Watch this video, and this guy is peeling a pineapple in a very clean and easy way, that too in just 50 seconds. see video:-

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NeST Pista Video Goes Viral!

Nest-pista-video (July, 2014): Do you really think software industry is all about work and no fun? A video from technopark based NeST software company goes viral on internet. It is a common concept among the society that,  there are no fun elements in IT companies, but many IT  companies are bringing the fun back into work and reminding us to still keep ...

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How to remove sunfilm from cars easily?

car > Supreme court of india banned the sun films in motor vehicles.  Motor Vehicle department is taking strict actions against the defaulters. Many people are still having the sunfilms in their cars because they may not get enough time to visit a car service/sun film removing center. but you know, it is very easy to remove the sun films ...

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‘Mayakkannadi’ – a Parody of all Sorts


In these days of cyber age, many youngsters find various social media as the best way to ventilate their thoughts and ideas.  Short films are the new fad.  A group of techies too joined the bandwagon with a short film titled ‘Mayakkannadi’. ‘Mayakannadi’, as the name suggests, is a story of a dream.  A video parody, Mayakannadi is made by ...

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‘Your Moment is Waiting’ is on Air

Kerala Tourism’s new promotional video, ”Your Moment is Waiting”, was unveiled at the Saatchi Gallery in London yesterday. The film was well received by the crowd, with many celebrities saying they would visit Kerala this year. Malayalam actor Mohanlal was also among the stars who attended the function. ”Your Moment Is Waiting”, the advertisement film was created by renowned ad ...

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Silsila…Love it or leave it..!


Art is usually an expression of one’s ability or an effort to substantiate his/her love for the art. Hit or flop is not the choice of the creator, it’s decided by viewers. An artist usually gets satisfied with his creation, just like a mother loves her child. There is no higher pain than tasting neglect and teasing from the part ...

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Technopark – Harmony At Work!

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BlackMagic – A Short Funny Thriller by Toonz guys

This would probably the shortest thriller movie ever made! watch and comment!

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Jaada At Work – Funny Video From Technopark.

Jaada At work – A funny video made by technoparkians became a big hit among the tech community. see it and write your comments. we will publish more such videos made by IT professionals, and you can send us the link of your video, if we missed any.

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Trivandrum International airport Update

See this video about the Trivandrum international Airport update. ( Malayalam )

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Intelligent Trivandrum

Here is the presentation submitted at the Indian IT submit conducted at Trivandrum.

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