Friday , 13 December 2019
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Why do we have to pay for welfare fund?

“The Government of Kerala promulgated the ‘ Kerala shops and Commercial Establishment workers welfare fund Act – 2006’ to provide for the constitution of a “ fund “ to promote the welfare and to pay pension to the workers coming under the purview of the Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act,1960.” Can somebody help me understand why do we have …

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Big Bazaar apologized and resolved the issue.

Readers, Thank you so much for your overwhelming response for the Big Bazaar post. Your comments and feedbacks spread across the globe, and it has produced good results. See the testimony from Mr. Ajith Raj. “Yesterday(20-08-2008) morning Mr. Sujith Kumar(Assistant manager, Big Bazaar Trivandrum) and Akhilesh called me. Then Sujith came to our Technopark office and discussed the issue. He apologized …

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HSBC Gundaism – Engineer manhandled and threatened in Technopark

HSBC gets good business from Technopark. Their employees and agents roam around Technopark and get more business than any other credit card company. But some bitter experiences with HDFC makes one cautious of HSBC and its employees. This is an incident which involved Mr.Arun, a software engineer working in Technopark. If you are a Credit card holder, please read on. …

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