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Date Tampered Milk Packets are selling nearby Technopark ?


TechnoparkToday.com(Nov, 2014):  The milma customers near Techn​​opark – Attinkuzhy and Kazhakutom are having difficulties as old packets are re-stamped to new dates and sold.  Many customers had the same complaint, but still the foul play is happening without any change. Read the experience of a techie, who bought milma milk from a shop nearby Technopark. “I bought 2 milma packets ...

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Misleading Serial In Asianet – ‘Padasaram’ Insults Techie Women

Asianet serial Padasaram abusing Women working in technopark

TechnoparkToday.com >> A new malayalam television serial, which is being screened in Asianet, is showing techies in poor light. From the very first episode, the serial ‘Padasaram’ portrays techies as immoral and shrewd. In order to establish the background, the serial invariably shows Technopark buildings and boards. It gives clear reference that the incident occurs in Technopark and the central ...

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Bad Experience from a Private Volvo Service in Trivandrum

complaint box

>>Shiraz, senior official of a Technopark company, shares his bizarre experience from Mookambika Travels. “I booked an online ticket (Rs 700) from Kazhakuttom to Madurai through the website, redbus.in.  The departure time of the bus, as per schedule, was 6.00 p.m. from Kazhakuttom.   But only when we reached Kazhakuttom, we were informed that we had to board from another point. ...

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Investigative Journalism or Politically Motivated intellectual Prostitution?

When our mainstream medias are playing various roles to conceal and reveal the facts, here is an article written by a techie, about one of  such recent incidents appeared in some newspapers.  Over the last 2-3 days there has been sensational and clamorous outcry against the so-called ‘NCC Nagar Journalist Flat Scam’ – what is being seen is nothing but ...

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Car Tyre Punctured – A Lady Techie’s Complaint against Security Guards

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Purple Man Scales Of

TechnoparkToday.com>> It is an account of a bad experience faced by a lady employee in Technopark.  TechoparkToday shares her complaint mail that has been forwarded to us. “There are many security guys over here, who are very helpful and co-operative in the technopark and who behaves very well to the ladies, but this is about some people who are like kittens to ...

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No Monorail For Technopark!


TechnoparkToday.com >> The idea of Trivandrum monorail project began as a mass transit system between Balaramapuram and Kazhakkoottam. It was proposed as a solution to the two problems spiraling out of control – the perennial traffic blocks between Balaramapuram and city centre, and the transit from city of over 30,000 personnel working in Technopark. Monorail would be cheaper than the ...

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Asianet Dataline Risking Its Customers Security?


TechnoparkToday.com >>The customers of the leading internet provider – Asianet Dataline ( ADL ) recently had a weird experience when they browse internet. A pop-up javascript driven advertisement window appeared in all of the web pages, the customers browsing, including the high security banking websites. Customers were panic since its appearing in every pages they access, and they thought that ...

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Petrol Theft On a Rise in Technopark

petrol theft in technopark

>>Though several complaints were raised against petrol theft in Technopark, the unfortunate incident continues.   The latest incident is petrol theft from a bike parked in the parking area of Periyar building.  Anurag Velekkattu, an employee of NeST, is the latest victim.  “I left the bike at the building due to heavy rain and took it the next day. After ...

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Dry Taps…Now AC Too Turning Off..!


TechnoparkToday.com >> Techies reeling under severe drinking water shortage had another shock at Technopark on Thursday.  The air conditioning of the entire Tejaswini building had gone haywire on Thursday.  The central AC duct got leaked in Wednesday midnight and a company suffered major losses due to the water influx from the central AC on the building. This summer has become ...

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Fishy Smell in Bhavani Troubles Techies!

The unpleasant fishy smell in bhavani building troubles the techies. It is reported that many techies feels difficulty and nausea after smelling it in bhavani building.  The smell is coming from a newly started restaurant in bhavani 6 th floor. It seems the restaurant haven’t good ventilation in their kitchen, thus the unpleasant smell of frying fish is spreading in the entire bhavani buildig from 11.30 AM to ...

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Raid in Hotels near Technopark, Kazhakoottam


Special squad from civil supplies and legal meteorology departments raided hotels in kazhakkuttam, near technopark, where majority of the techies are depeding for their food and seized large quantity of stale food and other hazardous food items. The popular vegitarian hotel in kazhakkuttam junction, Aaryas found using synthetic colors in tea and also found charging heavily for the food items.this ...

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Design problems in C-DAC’s New Facility in Technopark?


The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will soon expand its operations to a new Technopark facility.The building has been designed on the green building concept and will have state-of-the-art infrastructure required for carrying out research and development activities in emerging strategic and industrial high technology areas.The building is situated on the way from Nila to bhavani. But the ...

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Technopark and Its Security


>>Some new uniformed men taking charge at the gates of Technopark might have caught everybody’s attention and a few might have wondered where the “veterans” had disappeared and why. From Group 4 to Private eye. Does it make a sea change in our security system? The answer is a big No. Technopark and its premises should be well protected not ...

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A Bitter Experience at Thiruvallam


“Last day the experience I had at Thiruvallam Parasurama temple was really a shocker for my family and me” ” saying Sunil Nair, a Technopark employee. A close relative of me passed away in February last year and his family came down from Madhyapradesh to offer first annual rituals at Parasurama temple at Thiruvallam. We reached there carrying the memories ...

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Let this not happen to you!

Personal Defence

In the wake of recent tragedy where a 23-year-old was raped and murdered during a train journey, many felt the necessity to address the issue women’s safety.  Sadly, Women’s security is of secondary important even at Technopark, where thousands of educated women are working.   Technoparktoday has raised several issues in the past regarding this; however, it fell on deaf ears. ...

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