Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Bypass Attack Incident – Arrested the culprits, Kudos to Metro Manorama!

Technopark employee attacked in bypass road on ramzan day were covered by TechnoparkToday on September 14th. Thanks to the medias who brought this incident in to the notice of authorities.  Among them the Metro Manorama deserve special mention and they published a detailed report and according to that, the officials took up the issue, and arrested the culprits.

Police arrested the culprits involved in the attack yesterday and they are four youngsters in their 20’s. They are in police custody right now for further investigation.

TechnoparkToday along with the Techies gives Special thanks to Metro Manorama, and its reporters who reported the issue and helped the victims to get the justice. Also We should thank to Police commissioner M.R.Ajithkumar and Fort Assi. Commissioner B.Verghese for speeding up the investigations and their quick actions.

Trivandrum’s premier news poral, carried an article about the same issue By Cris Seetha. (

Here is the Report in Metro Manorama today. ( Click to enlarge)


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  1. technoparktoday and metro manorama, you are doing wonderful job. keep it up. ppl need medias like it.

  2. I saw these 4 people near kazhakootam byepass and trivandrum road junction on a rainy day at 9 pm all are having motorbikes. They spoke to me also and found drunken. LUckily i was saved i think. They told all belongs to this area and the last guy the right one speaks somewhat tamil also.

    Thanks to police, manorama and technopark management .

    The road from Technopark to kazhakootam should be fully illuminated with street lamps.
    Hope technopark management will initiate this with government.

  3. Good work, TP Today and Manorama. Now let’s see if this MODEL Road gets atleast street lights!!!

  4. Technopark authorities should take enough care to fit some street lamps on the way to kazhakuttom atleast.

  5. Fine job done the police, manorama and technopark management .

    But a proper illumination of bypass road with street lamps is very urgency. Pls do the needful for that