Monday , 23 April 2018
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Bomb Threat Again at Technopark..?

The security in front of Technopark has been beefed up, reportedly due to terrorist threat.  In addition to the usual security checkups, police force has been deployed at the front gate to check even company vehicles.

One of the security personnel told Technoparktoday that the security was tightened due to terror threat; however, it is yet to confirm whether it is a mock drill or routine checkup.


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  1. A concerned Indian

    What kind of security check is this??
    7 police officers checking only ID cards. What, are they under the impression that ID card bearing individuals cannot rig up a bomb?
    And when I passed through the fron gates in the morning, there was no bag checcking. And funnily, only bags of men were checked and not of the ladies. Are they again under the impression that ladies of this century cannot rig up a bomb??

  2. Thanks for the update. everybody was wondering about the strict security check today.

  3. Is it only in the front gate, but not in the rear one? there are many other entry points to technopark, like backside of Nila, and Club House etc.. No checking in individual buildings? also the pedestrians are not checked. this is just a routine thing .not a serious one it seems.

  4. Exaclty, what kind of check is this? When will this tamasha end?

  5. Seems like they have information that perpetrator will be a male coming thru front / back gate only and it will be somebody without a technopark id card.
    The out come is only a traffic block.
    Sadly, we Indians have the habit of ‘act after something happens’.

  6. Checking was there in the back gate as well.. There was a huge traffic block from the college to the back gate in the morning.. hmm… for just checking the id cards …

  7. No bomb updates!. Someone should atleast put a cracker to let the officials know….

  8. What a security check is this. Terrorist can enter technopark by climbing the wall or through holding a fake identity card. The security guards dont know whether a person entering technopark have a valid id. We can enter technopark with id cards of school children. My opinion is give the security coverage to CISF or to any other armed forces of India

  9. I really wonder what kind of check this is….I guess it was just a mock drill for the security escorted by Police….It happened at the Main and Rear gate but i dont think it would make any difference…. because I dont think that these checks had any set objectives… to me i felt as though they were just trying to spread panic across….I have Technopark should take these things bit more seriously in the information is not fake…
    “Harmony at work” what else can we say…..

  10. In this particular day, the police where checking the id card. Is it predetermined that the person without id card will carry bomb with them. Why cant the secutity
    be strict inorder to check the inside of vehicles. 1000’s of people are working
    in this technopark. If something bad happens, who will take the responsibility.
    For God’s sake, noting bad happened till now. But be aware that, people really intending to do some harm will not come by informing first.
    My suggestion is.
    – implement metal detector checking
    – thoroughly check the vehicles
    – strictly check the id card and make sure the company is present in technopark.
    [bcz people used to get inside technopark with some college id cards also. security people just need see an id card]