Saturday , 3 December 2016

‘Bhramanam’ the Tenth Short Film from Suraj Nair, Technopark


Suraj Nair

>>Bhramanam’, a Sanskrit word which means revolving.  In a span of 6 years of his in I.T. and filmmaking, Bhramanam would be the tenth short film directed by Suraj Nair, who is working in Infosys.   It is his maiden venture under Poocheril Films owned by Shijo M George.  The movie deals with a social concern which progresses to be shame for the coming generations with an anticlimax to underline the consequences.

The short film starts with an old man passing a lonely street happens to find a torn 50 Indian Rupee note.  He picks that note prudently, later what follows with that torn note is all about this 10 minute short film.

This movie was shot entirely in Edappally, Kochi. The movie got released in Youtube on 2nd October 2012, as this was the same date six years back when Suraj Nair started his journey on weekdays I.T. and weekends Filmmaking.


 Watch Bhramanam in Youtube

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