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Baahubali Characters as IT Employees – A Comparison !!

Baahubali in IT company :  The phenomenal blockbuster movie in Indian film industry – Baahubali has broken all the box office records, and the fans are celebrating it.

To join the celebration, as IT professionals, we are giving a fun spin for it.  what would Baahubali characters do in a software company.

Shiva – The Clueless Fresher 

Shiva, the fresher. totally clueless about the business of the company and his role in that. but always curious and energetic and trying to do things with help of google, copy paste and trial and error.

Amarendra Baahubali – The Talented Developer

The most talented & hardworking developer with excellent programming skills. he stretch beyond his levels to complete the tasks on time. But always getting lesser rating during appraisals due to the office politics and bell curve. He never complain about it to anyone and continue his good work to serve the company.

Bhallaldev – An Average but Jealousy Crooked and Lazy Developer 

The average developer with potential but never invest time or effort for that. Always indulge in office politics and get his work done in more unpleasant ways.

Bijjalaldev – The Manager 

That manager, always playing politics and can’t hide his biases no matter how hard he tries. Giving best ratings to his pet resources , and ignoring the deserved ones. most of the people hate him to the core

Avantika – The HR Manager / Member 

The beautiful HR Team member, used to go for recruitment drives, Her beauty and charm attracts people and think that the company is having more of such beautiful girls

Kalakeya – The Client

The client, speaks a totally different language and nobody can understand it. Always in war with the offshore team, and the entire company is afraid of him

Sivagami – The Senior Team Lead 

Very strong strict and tough character, always listen and give priority to the clients and their interests. if client like you she will like you and listen to you, else forget about your perks, leaves and salary hike.

Devasena – The Bold & Beautiful Techie Girl 

That girl in a team, who is bold and beautiful, with really good talent in programming. always likes to get in to the challenging tasks, having a kind heart towards fellow developers in her team. she doesn’t care to even fight for her rights as well as the rights for her peers in the team.

Kattappa – The Loyal & Long Term Employee 

The loyalist to the company, and works like a slave for his manager, no matter what the manager want him to do. His loyalty is only towards his reporting authority. He won’t even try to switch the company and usually live and die there itself

We know that, there are many more characters which we can exactly map in to IT employees. This comparison is for pure entertainment purpose, and never intended to hurt any feelings. If you find it funny, please feel free to share it and help us to match more characters. 


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