Thursday , 19 October 2017
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ATM Fraud: Techie loses Rs. 20,000 in name of SBI-SBT merger>>  Though cases of cheating by securing bank account details of people are increasing, even techies who have technological know-how too are falling in the trap.

In a recent incident, a techie woman lost Rs. 20,000 by disclosing her ATM pin number and even the one-time password.

The medical college police have registered a case after Technopark employee filed a complaint for ATM fraud or Rs. 20,000.  According to her, she received a phone call from an unknown number and the called requested her ATM pin saying that it is being collected following the SBI-SBT merger.

The lady gave away the number and the one-time password.  Later she got a message that Rs. 20,000 has been withdrawn from her account.

The police said to media that they have traced the number to Delhi.

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