Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Asthma – It is permanently curable?

Many people in the IT industry is suffering from the Asthma and related breath difficulties. especially in their working environment,they are always in a very artificial air-conditioned and enclosed place , and when going out, suddenly exposed in to dust and other factors which stimulate such difficulties.  So far, Asthma is believed to be a condition which is not permanently curable. But it seems the things have changed. A  Sidha Hospital in Kottayam offers complete and permanent cure for asthma. Let us see what the head of that institution, Sri MJ Jose Vaidhyar has to tell to TechnoparkToday.

Q: could you give us a brief idea about your institution?

A:  Omshree Sidha Hospital was inaugurated on 1 February, 2012. But the real origin of the medicinal tradition of Omshree began in 1880s when my great grandfather Sri Kochukutti Vaidhyar began to treat people using his ayurvedic knowledge and skills. It is this tradition that he passed on to his later generations which resulted later in the creation of Omshree Sidha hospital. I have started the hospital to make use of this tradition and help people. Omshree offers complete cure not only for asthma, but also for migraine, sinusitis, diabetes etc too.

Q.What are your contributions to the treatment of these diseases? Also could you elaborate on your permanent cure for asthma?

A:I have developed various medicines for many diseases after extensive research in the field of ayurveda. Many ancient ayurvedic texts and the knowledge I gained from my forefathers provided the base for my research. I have obtained patents for many of the medicines. In the year 2003, I cured my own wife and child out of asthma. There is no other institution in the world offering permanent cure for asthma.( see link here..) I am now engaged in the research of diseases like cancer, heart ailments, migraine, piles, diabetes, skin aberrations etc.

Q.What are the major features of Omshree?

A. Omshree Hospital is located in a calm and serene location with all necessary facilities for effective treatment for the patient. Only a nominal fee is collected from the patients for the treatment. Many expert doctors, physicians, therapists and other staff work hand in hand to ensure the safe and successful treatment of patients. Our work speaks for us.

You can reach them at :

OmShree Sidha Hospital (Near Kuravilangad)
Vayala P.O Kottayam
Kerala 686587 – India

Ph: +91 4822229434
Ph: +91 4822229435
Mob: +91 9846992789
E-mail: [email protected]

Hope this may be a useful information to all those who is suffering from Asthma and other breath related difficulties.


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  1. Asthma is a condition that occurs when your lung efficiency is poor as well as lung is more sensitive.There is no permanent cure for it from my past 30 years of experience and our environment is only getting worse. The only way to contain Asthma is by improving your Lung Capacity as well as Efficiency. Daily morning walk at 06:00 (open air) for a period of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes according to your stamina as well as 5-10 minutes of breathing exercises can reduce Asthma to bare minimum. The breathing exercise can also be done in your office environment it does not require any special equipment or space just inhale and exhale deeply. If you are Asthmatic please also make sure that you have a proper diet control (For Lung to inhale and exhale fully you need space right).

  2. may be, but we should listen to others as well. there are many alternative medicine fields which offering cure for the deceases which can’t be cured with the other medicines.

  3. With reference to comments by Mr. Vimal I can say one thing that Asthma is curable. I am giving money back guaranteed treatment for Asthma, Sinusitis , migraine, sneezing etc… (for details visit our website ) It is to be noted that even though you are using inhaler several times a day, with in 3-4 weeks you can leave the inhaler.

    We will cure any Asthma whether it is Allergic or hereditary, irrespective of the condition or age of the patient. Sometimes you may be using inhaler many times in a day, or you may be compelled to admit in the hospital many times in an year, you need not worry any more. If you come to our hospital, normally within 3-4 weeks you will be able to do normal life. You have to continue the medicine for one year. In most cases within a week you will be able to live without the help of inhaler. We are using 100% pure Ayurvedic medicines, which we are produced in our own manufacturing unit. Our treatment can be divided in to two parts; at first we will control the production of cough, remove the cough dumped in the lungs and air ways, remove swelling in the airways and improves the expansion and contraction power of the lungs. Within a few days you can throw away your inhaler. Secondly at the same time we purify your body by removing the toxins, for that we use panchakarma” techniques. We are using our own special medicines for the treatment.
    Our medicines will gradually boost your immune power and enables you to have a normal life. You too can live like your friends and enjoy the life. You have to continue the medicine for one year. We have a challenging offer, if you take our medicine, and if you are not cured, we will return your money at double rates. This offer is valid only in case of Asthma patients.
    If you are coming to our hospital, if you like we will come to the Airport or Railway station to receive you.
    If you have asthma but it is not severe and started recently we will send you medicines by post/courier. Normally within one to three months time you will be cured. But this is not under our money back guarantee scheme.
    In both the cases you have to continue the medicine for one year. We will reduce the medicines step by step. This is required to improve your immune power and to regain the expansion and contraction power of the lungs. Then only we can say that you are 100% cured.
    Thanking you
    For Omshree Sidha Hospital
    Jose M.J.
    Mobile: 09846992789
    Phone : 04822-229434

  4. Are there any cured people in Technopark? So that we can check their experience. I too have the same knowledge that aged Astma is not completely curable and It is possible only to reduce intensity.

    Your SEO marketing is very high. For successful ideas, marketing is not necessary. You might know Dr. C P Mathew in Kottayam, who is popular for cancer cure but he does not do any SEO to grab patients. Its their happy clients do the verbal marketing most.

  5. same query… cured patients , please throw a light on the same. A months time staying in kerela and not getting the expected results ‘d be much more painful. Because there will be cases of subjects travelling from remote areas of country.

    please help

  6. What is wrong in publishing about something which may be a useful information for many? he is offering money back guarantee and the forum is always open to give the feedback / testimonial.

  7. @Suresh, nobody is against publishing any ‘useful’ information. We are just checking ‘how effective’ the treatment is since this is the first time most of us hear about this clinic/hospital/? and ‘time back guarantee’ is not possible just like ‘money back guarantee’

    Like mentioned in the advt. post, most of the people in IT experience breathing problems and they must have undergone most, or all the known ways. So when somebody offers ‘100% cure’, it is natural to suspect.

    Either they provide the method of treatment (which I believe a trade secret so I don’t recommend them to reveal) so that we can do a research about its success rate or give the reference of somebody here in Technopark or Trivandrum so that we can meet them in person.