Friday , 25 May 2018
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Another FlashMob in Technopark!

Another Flashmob conducted at Technopark on the Internation Women’s day. This was conducted as part of the women’s day celebrations of UST Global.

Pradeep Kumar from Mystic Monkeys was the choreographer of this show, and the entire team has got a very few hours to practice it since most of them are in working in different shifts in office. The Dance sequence lasted around 10 minutes, probably the lengthiest flashmob conducted in Technopark or even in this entire so far.

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  1. super….congrats team

  2. Good one! Congrats for taking up this initiative 🙂

  3. Good attempt, but it never looked like a flash mob and the choreography was not at all impressive. This looked more like a stage show than a flash mob. Infy’s was far better.

  4. shilpa, grow up girl…that show was better than infys show. we all know that the infy guys took months to conduct such a show, but these guys took only a few hours…learn to accept…

  5. sooraj_technopark

    Flashmob? What is so fancy about it? Even media and Corporate world is behind it. Just because it is happening in Cochin or Mumbai, does not mean that we should copy here.

    I request all my fellow technoparkians, not to expend your valuable energy in fighting claims of performance superiority for such low class stuffs.

    I also request technoparktoday to focus more on technological achievements happening in and around technopark and trivandrum. Not to publish such mediocre events.

  6. I think we should take this as a “tech-a-break”. As far as such events are not harmful, and not affecting work schedules of any company, we don’t have to block it. Such stress relievers are required for our stressful IT life. If somebody is not interested, just boycott 🙂

  7. In fact infy’s flash mob was much better than this though this attempt is appreciable.

  8. There was’nt anything special with infys flashmob, other than they did it first time in technopark. that was also appeared like a well planned and everybody was expecting the flash mob dance there.

  9. UST or Infosys, both are the technopark companies, so lets see it in that way only.

  10. This was really a great effort and a gud show by the guys.. Even though i can’t call it as a “flash mob” , i really enjoyed the show.. But , Yup have to agree with some of ma frnds here.. Infy’s flash mob was much better executed.. I differ from manu, i think me n ma frnds neva expected a flash mob then.. But this time, it was so clear.. And Giri, if infy done more practise , it showed in their performance and grow up to appreciate that.. 🙂 ..

    Hope more of these are going to come.. 🙂 🙂

  11. Infy kazhichapo ho ho!!.. UST kazhichapo hae hae!!…. let’s encourage people who try something new at TP campus.. let’s not show our usual attitude here..

  12. Yeah i support the TPSlave’s comment. people think whatever the infy is doing is superior, even if its not. and if some other companies are doing it, they wont appreciate it. It should be changed.

    Both performances were really good. and we should learn to appreciate the efforts behind them.

  13. Not a bad attempt by UST.. Appreciable..

  14. UST did it well..infy did it much better..thats it…

  15. Don’t know about the “sangathi” and “shadjam” of dance, but from a laymans point, Infy’s seem better executed, most likely becuase it was better practised. The song selection was superior for ust I think