Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Android Training Courses in Trivandrum

Lots of inquiries are coming to us daily about asking ‘Where I can get Android Training Courses in Trivandrum ? ‘. A lots of android training programs are offering by various institutes in Trivandrum, but it is very hard to say who all are giving the best android training and who all are not.

A lots of companies from technopark is offering the mobile development courses, where the course fee is varying from 5000 to 50000, and the duration is from one day to three months. Many other companies outside technopark is also offering android training, the main difference is the cost of the training.

The very important thing one should consider before joining such a course is the topics which are covering in the training, and the quality of training, and who is taking the classes. We found that a majority of companies are just offering the android and other mobile development training, just because of a ‘hot’ subject, and some companies haven’t any experienced faculties to teach the students. the best way to recognize the good android training company is check out their published android applications in the app store.

Another important thing is, if you are a novice in programming, please DONOT join the android training course directly, instead of that learn the basic Java programming and then join for the android. some of the companies are offering the basic java training for the novices.

We will be publishing a list of android training companies and institutions soon.



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  1. “We will be publishing a list of android training companies and institutions soon”

    Publish it sooon… we are waiting to know

  2. Please publish the list of android coaching centres in Trivandrum after a good research . Bear in mind that a lot of people recommend these courses based on your survey

  3. Please publish it soon ..Eager to see the post