Sunday , 27 May 2018
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Alien Covenant: Movie Review>>  Alien Covenant – Ridley Scott is back. It’s the A.I. that’s the real connective tissue of this franchise. This time Ridley has played a bit safe when compared to his other movies, but could be because of the franchise he is handling, which is Alien.

The larger issue of “faith vs reason” that Prometheus focuses here.  Covenant focuses on the term “Creation;” however, in doing so Covenant succeeds in moving the larger franchise closer to fully connecting the dots between the events set in motion by Prometheus and the status quo at the beginning of Scott’s original Alien.

So if you haven’t watched Prometheus, there will be few blanks which you might look for answers and you need to watch Alien to understand how it all started in the colonisation.

This is where Ridley has succeeded.  I would say with Covenant the Alien franchise has reached a full circle.  Covenant plays out as a sci-fi drama which turns into horror/thriller during its first part, before transitioning fully into a Prometheus sequel during its second act and then blending all those approaches together, for its final third.


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