Saturday , 3 December 2016

Accentia Launches EMR Software

InstaKare - Accentia @ FCA convention, orlando

>>Technopark-based Accentia Technologies launched their most technologically advanced, US Certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Instakare during the FCA Convention held at Orlando, Florida, USA.

Accentia was one of the sponsors for the event and provided many promotional offers on the products and services for on-the-spot sign ups. This generated a lot of interest through which a large number of new clients were added for the new EMR service.

Accentia Healthcare Services is a domain player in the healthcare sector for more than two decades.  With the launch of the EMR software, Accentia is now offering the entire gamut of services in the Healthcare Receivables Management Cycle in the SAAS (Software as a Service) delivery model.

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