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A Helluva Ride to the City via Sreekaryam-Ulloor Route..!

“Oh! My Good God, let there not be a traffic block at least for the day”, prays every routine traveler who passes Sreekaryam road.  Prayers increase if he owns a vehicle.   Every heart will break for burning the fuel, which can be used to run kilometers, to cover a short distance in this hike.  The traffic -jam in the Ulloor-Sreekayam over years is like the saying “It’s easy to awake the sleepy, not the one and pretends to be”.  Is it because the Government and the officials who serve them can’t find a permanent solution to this or pretends they can’t?  “How it ends? When it ends?”  These questions still remain unanswered.   Whatever change happens at the capital city, it is as if somebody had taken a firm oath that the block in this route shall not be eliminated at any cost.  Solutions are several, but the fact is that the responsible heads are not ready to act.

This is the experience you get when travel through the said route:

The broad road beginning from Kazhakkoottam junction shrinks to a bottleneck when it reaches Chavadimukku and the mother of all problems start.  It’s a usual sight as shown in the picture that there is  an unlawful parking  starting  from Sreekaryam to Chavadimukku  on right side of the road  ie, from Coffee house to Spencer Shopping Complex.  You can never see a Bus bay on the road like this in any other city.  When each bus stops at every stop, the vehicles lining behind will create a block extending to Kallampalli junction in two or three minutes. Kilometers.


Towards the city, at Sreekaryam junction, on the left side of the road, pedestrians use road as footpath since the slab of the footpath is about one and a half foot high above the road level. What will one say about such roads being used as foot paths?  Afterwards the road will expand as if a bull was swallowed by a python.  The vehicles like cars, auto-rickshaws, and two wheelers which had been suffocating for a long while will get relaxed at this sight and move on  by blowing the horns is a daily sight.

In a messy junction where four roads meet and a traffic police or home guard tries hard to regulate the traffic, who is there to monitor the overtaking vehicles?  Some places in city where traffic can be regulated so easily, the police use cameras, take snaps of the common man and fine him for a petty offense.  How long will it take for such police to reach Sreekaryam?  When we move a bit forward, there comes another bus stop.  That is somewhat bearable, but what about the illegal parking (from the junction to the Bus stop) near the footpath? Buses, that too transport vehicles having unusual length and width, usually stop here covering the lion’s share of the road, loading the passengers. When we reach at Kallamppalli Junction, we can see a miracle which you haven’t seen anywhere,a bus stop and a waiting shed on the deep U turn, and the transport vehicles stop there only to block the way.  Afterwards, the road will be a little broad , but when it reaches Chenthy junction, the vehicles start slowing down as if flattening a balloon.  At Pongammodu junction again there will be a jam due the traffic control of the police.  That will extend from Kochulloor to Ulloor junction.  Is there any way out?

Some Suggestions:-

·        Since the crucial problem is the width of the road, widening should be done with immediate effect.

·        Meantime, utilize Ulloor-Cheruvakkal-Aakkulam road for light vehicles to reach Kazhakkuttom.

·        In return to Ulloor, a one-way can be maintained by bifurcating light vehicles from Sreekaryam Junction to Cheruvakkal via Layola School junction.

·        Set up signal lights and cameras at Ulloor and Sreekaryam junction to check violation of traffic rules.

·        Make Pongammood-Ulloor road one way using Pongammood-Archana Nagar-Old Road-Kochulloor route

·        Bus service to Eastfort, Kovalam, Vizhinjam, and Poovar should be directed through bypass.  Also set up clear direction boards on the bypass.

·        Assure measures to avoid unlawful parking from Ulloor to Chavadimukku from 8AM-11AM.

·        Corporation Parking Area near medical college should be opened for the public.

·        Shift the bus stops scientifically and practically.

·        Repair Kariyath-Paruthippara road so that the passengers from there to Nalanchira and to Perurkkada via Ambalamukku can avoid Sreekaryam-Ulloor route.

Syed Shiyas

[email protected]


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  1. Strictly prohibit the transportation of heavy vehicles, containers, tankers, JCBs, cranes, etc after 8AM.

  2. Please post these in kerala cm’s website. Idea box and also provision to input and track petitions are available.

  3. Done..Posted the content in cm’s website.

  4. I don’t know why these roads are not widened even after decades. Unfortunately this is the same route to Trivandrum Medical College.

  5. “Bus service to Eastfort, Kovalam, Vizhinjam, and Poovar should be directed through bypass. Also set up clear direction boards on the bypass.” This does not seem to be a good suggestion as there are lot of people who depends on these bus services, to get to places in between.
    Situation in Ulloor is pathetic. What was they doing all this last summer with that road?

  6. An alternate solution would be to reduce the number of private vehicles by using public transport as far as possible. Also , introduce memo trains between trivandrum and kollam at regular intervals sothat it will reduce the trafiic through roads

  7. yes Arjun, we have to utilize private transportation and avoid using a car for one person..use carpooling.

  8. Some temporary as well as permanent suggestions:

    * Re-structuring of bus stops and taxi/auto stands
    * Banning heavy vehicles (except transport busses) at rush hours
    * Strict no parking – Traffic police must do petrol and apply on-the-spot fines
    * Proper traffic signals
    * Road widening – critical for Ulloor and Srikaryam Junctions

  9. Why do we ask for wide roads?? Go and look at the “4 lane” from Keshavasapuram to Nalanchira. It is essentially a two lane now since people are parking on both sides. I never saw all these cars before the road was widened. So what’s the use? We should first learn to use the infrastructure we have properly and efficiently.

    The Sreekariyam junction has enough width. Most of the time you see private cars and bikes parked haphazardly at the sides. There is only so much that can be done if people refuse to see logic and correct their ways. Go no further – even with then massive parking problem in Technopark you should see some people parking as if it’s their very own garage and not thinking twice about making it difficult for others. Till they go to their grave, they will not improve their parking skills since improving our civic skills is very very very low on our priority.

    The traffic problem is simply an extension of the greater malaise. Do you tackle it now or do you wait till it becomes and even bigger problem

  10. sreekaryam – ullur road is a real bottleneck for several years, the roads till sreekaryam is very wide and till the ullur its very narrow and damaged nearby the ullur. lots of vehicles and life saving amblulances are going in this way and its very common to see even amblulances are trapped in the traffic block in this stretch.

    Who is the real culprit in blocking the expansion of this area? it needs to be investigated and the roads needs to be widen and make sure that nobody is causing the traffic block in the road.

  11. Posting to CM website is of no use I posed twice .So far they did have the courtesy even to reply

  12. It is surprising that nothing is being done to widen the highway that enters the capital city. Even if not widened, the least they could do is relocate those bus stops and the people using buses should cooperate and wait at the actual bus stop and not at their door steps. Then, comes the problem of parking. Large village like towns like Sreekariyam need some cleaning up for sure. Good luck.

  13. guys, why can’t we host a signature campagin from technopark, since most of the commuters are from technopark. and when we collect 1000 signature, we can go to CM’s office and give it to him. We can invite the medias as well, so that it wil get good coverage.

    We, Technopark is the biggest workforce place in kerala, with more than 35000 employees and at least 1/4 of the employees are travelling on the same road everyday. so its a big crowd and we can invite everyones attention if we unite and demand it.

    looking forward for everyones comments.

  14. Congrats Mr.Syed Shiyas for such a great article and im sure that it will force to open some eyes. We are expecting more from you. Signature campaign suggested by Mr.JK is a nice idea to get rid of this traffic trap. Expecting the comments and suugstns from the guys behind Tech.park today for making this campaign true.

  15. What a shame! Worst of all these are the roads that are used to enter the capital city of God’s own country – the narrow, bus stop and tea-shop ridden National Highway. Every other city in India these days you enter the city through 4 and 6 lane highways. Here we are still living in the stone age waiting to inaugurate a signature campaign to widen the roads so that techies can go to work faster. Long way to go.

  16. As Kerala is one of the thickly populated states in India, the widening of roads may be very difficult. As I mentioned before , solution would be to reduce the number of private vehicles by using public transport as far as possible. Also , introduce memo trains between trivandrum and ernakulam ( or atleast upto kollam ) at regular intervals sothat it will reduce the trafic through roads. These memu trains should run on time sothat many can depend on it , thus reducing the traffic. If there is a plan to submit this issue to CM , it would be nice to include the suggestion of having memu trains also.

  17. Arjun – Memu trains are a good option but please keep in mind that most of the cars during peak hour on this stretch are heading towards Technopark.

    1. The frequency of Volvo services has to go up big time.
    2. Bus stops must be relocated away from junctions.
    3. No Parking should be strictly implemented in the junctions.
    4. Approach roads should be widened and all repair works should be carried out.
    5.Wherever possible, Lanes should be marked and signals installed.

  18. Please use public transport atleast on weekdays… i usually observe in sreekaryam junction some 20 cars,3 buses,10 bikes, 2 autos go in a stretch.
    This Car Craze is what is killing traffic….

  19. Good work by Mr.Shiyas. Any good result from this article will help all the people who travel through this way. Let CM take action on this issue.. regards..!!!

  20. It is the time to do something,actually im fed up with these traffic problems.

  21. For problems with road conditions at Ulloor here are the PWD contacts

    We can use these contacts for problems on NH. Refer to the proper division in charge.

    The best approach would be to raise a greviance at the following site and then follow up with the mail to the concerned divisional engineers.

  22. The impractical
    – roads can be widened only so much. We talk perhaps because none of us own land in the places where we call for widening.
    – changing the behavior of other road users

    The practical
    – improving your driving skills
    – improve your adherence to rules
    – practice courtesy on the road
    – improving your approach to traffic problems
    – putting peer pressure on your friends to follow better driving practices
    – starting a practical movement in Technopark where driving practices in the Park serve as a model to the community at large. We have almost every conceivable traffic situation in the Park Campus itself. I don’t see us dealing with it any better than the society at large.

    CM has 3 crore people to worry about. Say nothing about the coalition pressures. It is alway better to go to him with – “Sir, here is a few solutions that we found worked at the Park. Could we have your help to propagate it further outside” rather than “Sir, we have a problem. Can you do something?”.

    My 2 cents. Thank you!

  23. All,

    We are ready to host a signature campaign for this noble initiative. and we need supporters and volunteers for this,please share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can take it up forward.

  24. “Sir, here is a few solutions that we found worked at the Park. Could we have your help to propagate it further outside” .
    Pls describe the park model.

  25. The is no “Park” model. I was suggesting that we implement some of the things we want to see on the road in the Park first and then go and ask.

    I am extremely skeptical about these signature campaigns – it’s like I put my signature and there ends my responsibility.

    Personally – I don’t think wide roads are the solution. Syed has touched upon other issues in his article – which I should add is a wonderful one. Cities in the US with great infrastructure still have jams. I think looking at how we use existing infrastructure and adopting better approaches is the way to go. We drive faster cars today but has our habit of looking at mirrors and watching out for other vehicles improved?

  26. For problems with road conditions at Ulloor here are the PWD contacts
    We can use these contacts for problems on NH. Refer to the proper division in charge.
    The best approach would be to raise a greviance at the following site and then follow up with the mail to the concerned divisional engineers.

  27. @syed shiya…any response from CM’s website on this issue..eagerly waiting for the updates from oru so called gvt OFFICIALS/AUTHORITIES on this issue

  28. Dear Friends,

    Not yet prompted with any response from CM or any other officials. Will share when it happens.

  29. As already told, this is quite simple. Relocate bus stops. The traffic is not consistent as in it is heavy only during peak hours. Ride through this stretch at 2PM and you wont find anything. Move the bus stops away from intersections or junctions. Enforce strict no parking. On the whole, widen the road to highway standards like the Cherthala-Thrissur stretch.

  30. binu janardhanan

    Please invite the attention in to this issue. and we need to stay together to showcase this problem and tell them we are united and even we are trying to put more campagins for this.

    let them know the power of techies.

  31. At the Park
    – Pedestrians should use zebra crossings
    – Cars approaching zebra crossings should slow down and stop if needed – if they find people crossing the zebra crossings
    – give right of way at round abouts and obey right of way rules
    – do not violate one ways – for example people driving out through the entrance of Bhavani because there are a couple of bumps at the exit is common
    – wear helmets – use seat belts
    – signal properly
    – do not park in such a way that you obstruct other road users, bus stops etc
    – park in such a way that you leave space for others
    – people without confident parking skills – practice and learn them!!
    – be considerate
    – yield when this results in resolving a traffic block
    – if a person before you is waiting for traffic to clear before proceeding, do not honk his boot or taillamps off.

    Interested in starting an educational campaign with the above aspects in the Park? Imagine the “power” of letting loose 3000 (10% of the 30k engineers) considerate drivers onto the roads of Trivandrum. Now that is some “power”!!

  32. Another big concern is the traffic within technopark and the bad driving habits of techies. in last week two accidents where happened within technopark campus because of the over speed and the traffic violations.

    Technopark is not even bothered to put enough speed breakers in the places where pedestrians crossing the road. the road inside the campus is mainly intented for pedestrians only, and the maximum allowed speed is 20 km/h. but most of the vehicles there are flying in 60 km/h or more.

    There should be some control over this practise to save precious lives.

  33. @Shibu J

    Thats a good suggestion, please let the people know about this. we can do the campagin with the help of them.

  34. Funny how this article suddenly disappeared from the front page when older articles much less posted on still hog the front page.

  35. That is not least surprising. There is surely someone behind the sudden disappearance of such articles, if any. Best thing to do is, share the link to other sites and blogs.

  36. Why can’t authority put traffic lights at required junctions

  37. The Govenrment should take emergency steps to this issue. Minimize the distance between speech & action.