Thursday , 17 April 2014
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3G Tariff and Data Plans in Kerala! > Are you looking for a 3G Connection in Kerala? wanted to know which 3G plan is best for your purpose? Then read on… In kerala the companies with valid 3G licenses are BSNL, Tata docomo and Idea only. Airtel and vodafone lost their 3G licenses after the recent orders from Department of telecom, India. There are basically two type of 3G plans – Data only, Data+voice(combo plan).

3G Plans – Kerala
BSNL Tata DoCoMo Idea
MRP Data (MB) MRP Data (MB) MRP Data (MB)
139 1000 91 300+300* 107 300
252 2000  255 1000 + 1000* 199 600
351 1500+1500* 249 1000
450 2000 348 1500
561 5000 448 2000
1011 10000 646/745/848/949/1146 3/4/5/6/8GB@3G, unlimited @80kbps afterwards

*All plans have a validity of 1 month *For Tata  Docomo, there is a “double bonus” limited period offer. *Extra data charge will be Rs.2/MB for BSNL, Rs.10/MB for Tata, and Rs.2/MB for Idea And see the combo plan comparison:-

3G Combo Plans – Kerala
BSNL Tata DoCoMo
MRP Usage Value Free Data (MB) MRP Talktime Free Data (MB)
146 75 Mins 300
535 Rs. 50 2250 199 170 Mins 400
899 Rs. 150 5000  253  Rs. 222  1000
 499**  Rs. 500  2000

*Free Calls in  Tata Docomo includes Local+STD+Roaming. **All plans have a validity of one month, except Docomo 499 combo plan (60 days) *Extra data charge will be Rs.2/MB for BSNL and Rs.1/MB for Tata Note:- All these data are based on the information of Nov, 2013. So there may be changes at this time. so if you have any updated information, please do comment on the bottom of this page, and keep us informed.

  • Sudheer

    Thanks for sharing it. BSNL 3G is the best it seems.

  • Rajkumar

    3G rates are high even now a days. why cant they think about reducing it? since it is fast, more data transfer would happen once you use it. always go for pre-paid 3G plans. else you only realize the bill once it reaches you.

  • Ajith

    I tried all of these

    Idea – Best in 3G coverage compare to all. But expensive than Docomo
    Docomo – Very cheap compare to all. But 3G coverage is good in cities only
    BSNL – Most time 2G signal are getting. plans are not attractive.

  • Rajkumar

    Ajith, thanks for the info. so Docomo would be an ideal choice, rite?

  • Ajith

    Yes, If you are within city limit Docomo will be the best. But I don’t recommend it for any travel requirements

  • joseph k

    Thanks for the info, Ajith.

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