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11:11- Astral Projection Based Thriller By a Techie, 2018): When the world awakens to the news of dark rituals and practices, A group of Techies from UST Global came up with a short film to share the message on how individuals emotions gets easily influenced by the news on dark secrets of human minds. The story depicted is that of a father who lost his son and tries out Astral projection to meet his child again. Entire movie is made around the theme of 11:11, A concept that came into light with the death of 11 people in Delhi.

The theme 11:11 was chosen as 11 signifies the 11 minutes that he spends to perform astral projection process and 11th day of the month which he chose to perform this. Also, 11:11 signifies hope. In bible it relates to resurrection of Christ. The hope of this father that aims to resurrect his son. The story leaves a lot of questions for the viewers, which of course can be answered with a bit of research. The film duration is for 11 minutes and 11 seconds and provides a haunted experience to the viewers.

Renjith Rajaneesan

Renjith Rajaneesan the actor director of this short film has dug deep into the technical aspects of this theme and with the extravagant DOP, Editing, VFX by Jihas Hameed the short film takes you on a thrilling ride. The story was written by Rajeev Gopalakrishnan Menon who exposes the different states of human mind, And the background score and sound Design from the duo Aravind Suresh and Vighnesh Satheesh has set the mood to perfection. The Titles were custom designed to convey the dark theme and mood by Premchand Nair, Posters by John Mathew Panicker. The Associates of this movie has spent several days and nights for making this movie a reality, Assoc. DOP – Anandukrishnan Narayanan, Assistant. Dir : Vishnu Sukumaran Nair.


Renjith Rajaneesan
Haridas Vattaparampil
Jijumon Gopi
Nishara Sabu
Chandini Pradeep
Venkateswara Rao
Tharun Santhakumaran
Jishnu Virunnukandy
Tintu Thomas

Youtube Link of the movie:

Renjith Rajasenan, is a techie and a mimicry artist too, he demonstrated his mimicry and artistic skills in many venues. You can reach out Renjith Rajaneesan at +91-8590833666

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